transforms faces – and lives – through Paris tour

June 11, 2012

Fleacé Weaver (center) and her made-up “FlyGirls” after their fabulous afternoon – one created especially for THEM – at black|Up Cosmetics.

Fleacé Weaver (center) and her made-up “FlyGirls” after their fabulous afternoon – one created especially for THEM – at black|Up Cosmetics in Paris.

Among the many things I love about France—and living about an hour south of Paris—is that so many folks from the United States come through the city. I’ve already had a chance to spend quality time in the City of Light with some true-blue American friends who’ve visited here (Salut, Carol, Katherine, Kelly, Mary, Paula, Betty and Mike!).

What I ALSO love about living here is having the chance to meet so many others who are traveling through town on their own adventures. That’s why I was SO psyched when the fabulous Fleacé Weaver, founder of Los Angeles-based, invited me to spend an afternoon with her and a dozen women as part of the group’s “April in Paris” tour. These African-American sisters spent two weeks living la belle vie in the heart of Paris, with Fleacé—who personally organizes and leads tours for sisters around the globe—as their fearless leader. I’d first met her virtually two years ago when interviewing her over the phone for a JET Magazine and Travel feature on “African-Americans Going Global.”

Among the specially created Parisian activities Fleacé’s group enjoyed was a makeover session at black|Up Cosmetics, which bills itself as the “#1 ethnic makeup brand” in France. A central Paris showroom filled with all the skin care, cosmetics and assorted extras a fashionista of color could want, black|Up hooked BlackGirlTravel UP on this May afternoon. Fleacé asked me to chronicle not just the makeovers, but how international travel—and specifically, this trip to Paris—was transforming these professional women’s lives. Check out the piece I penned for, photos from their glamour-girl afternoon — and the other amazing group trips planned for Italy, Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai (and of course, Paris!) later this year and in 2013.

Talk about a small world. One of the women traveling in Paris with Fleacé told me how she first discovered BlackGirlTravel—and it was through that article I’d written for JET! Gotta love the power of the written word! What an awesome platform—and responsibility—we Travel writers have when sharing our work with the world.

So get out there, sistagirls, and keep on traveling!

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